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  • @MgRizza Everything seems to be working fine on our end. Are you still having issues connecting? 28/May/2015 18:38:42
  • @Maester It does depend on the specific position. If you contact the local team they'll be able to provide more >> https://t.co/AD4TZHYhHc 28/May/2015 18:20:52
  • @Maester We should be able to help, what is your question? 28/May/2015 17:59:40
  • RT @UbisoftQuebec: For our 10 years, our founding members talk about their proudest moments #UbiQc10 http://t.co/o97YU3cppf 28/May/2015 16:46:00
  • @SnowyKai Glad to hear it! Keep the feedback coming the team love it. 28/May/2015 15:41:44
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