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  • @AaronWorthing Sorry about that, best option would be to check with our @UbisoftSupport team >> http://t.co/fCJwgjQK3l 03/Jul/2015 18:11:58
  • @Zorphio Thanks! Servers should be back now. 03/Jul/2015 16:19:21
  • @FrankieDray The servers should now be back online, let us know if you're still having issues connecting. 03/Jul/2015 16:19:06
  • @ItsExmple Servers should be back now, let us know if you're still having problems. Thanks! 03/Jul/2015 16:18:42
  • @Zorphio Our team are working on the servers at the moment, they should be back very shortly, we'll let you know. 03/Jul/2015 15:59:16
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