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  • @azulueta25 Awesome! Thanks for sharing the @Rainbow6Game love! :) 16/Jan/2018 22:18:31
  • @bigbluejedi Hello Charlie, Please see the info here >> https://t.co/Ywvjx8MiFq 16/Jan/2018 21:43:00
  • @BrodyGaskill Hello Brody, Please notify @UbisoftSupport if you're running into any technical issues or concerns >> https://t.co/fCJwgjQK3l 16/Jan/2018 21:38:53
  • Uncover more info on the mysterious Hidden Ones DLC coming next week to @assassinscreed! Plus, get all the latest o… https://t.co/ymrBItOblR 16/Jan/2018 21:13:31
  • @DeadlyGamingBro Congrats! Glad to hear that you've enjoyed it. :) 16/Jan/2018 20:57:40
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