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  • See how the @assassinscreed dev team took the game on the road to get fan feedback >> http://t.co/He7m5BmhRp || http://t.co/fyycrOd5FG 31/Jul/2015 20:58:27
  • Try out Just Dance 2016 for free! Download the demo on your Wii U, Xbox One or PS4 now >> http://t.co/P61cnOmWpT || http://t.co/ZTf90hz4Ii 31/Jul/2015 17:54:51
  • @Luisferpla Hey Luis, at this stage it is only planned for digital release. Thanks. 31/Jul/2015 16:43:26
  • 8 community members recently had the chance to explore @GhostRecon¬†Wildlands! Check out their first impressions. || https://t.co/4eeeuHrzQZ 31/Jul/2015 15:46:06
  • Our #FanArtFriday gallery for July is here! Check out some of our favorite pics here >> http://t.co/6fGfpfUQz7 || http://t.co/dYvbdKa8RW 31/Jul/2015 14:19:56
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