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  • @Dragonator3000 Hello! Please share this and any other info with our @UbisoftSupport team so they may properly inve… https://t.co/lRIOadAwFK 20/Mar/2018 21:45:12
  • Save up to 75% on games, collector's editions, and merchandise during the Ubisoft Spring Sale from March 20 to Marc… https://t.co/5aPcICwysM 20/Mar/2018 21:08:54
  • @BreakingStorms @Rainbow6Game Hey there, the team have a fix coming this week. You can see more here >> https://t.co/XVPDYUdeXK 20/Mar/2018 20:49:23
  • @ALFA_Controlz Hello there! Please see this info from the team >> https://t.co/XVPDYUdeXK 20/Mar/2018 20:43:00
  • @nlaprair We're just as eager, Nate! https://t.co/AV2Xs9yQ4z 20/Mar/2018 19:03:07
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