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  • See what you might've missed from the newest Assassin's Creed movie trailer in our scene-by-scene breakdown >>… https://t.co/oHKrmvtGfd 21/Oct/2016 21:03:07
  • Get the lowdown on Nomad & Holt, two members of the Ghost Unit! >> https://t.co/QcnaCJtT6E | | https://t.co/2vOpLtFF8j 21/Oct/2016 16:04:55
  • Looking for Halloween ideas? Here's some awesome cosplay taken from expos around the world! https://t.co/7R8f8Hc9s2 21/Oct/2016 10:31:22
  • The Zodiac Killer returns in a pre-order bonus mission for Watch Dogs 2. Find out more >> https://t.co/VIwd5YICYX https://t.co/TiA80w7el8 20/Oct/2016 23:38:38
  • @thesoaug Hi Theso, Try checking the Calling All Units information here>> https://t.co/BrAc6JTCa0 20/Oct/2016 21:42:44
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