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  • @Maxdemcook You can see the latest from our tech team here >> https://t.co/hDKGXzlwjT 28/Mar/2017 19:23:34
  • @OddSquahds Our team is currently investigating. You can find the latest update from the team here >> https://t.co/hDKGXz3Vsl 28/Mar/2017 19:09:35
  • @MemberBerries_0 Hi, Depending on faction, your rewards may vary. Check in with @ForHonorGame for further details. 28/Mar/2017 18:52:00
  • @madstrikezz The team is still working on this. See the latest from the team >> https://t.co/hDKGXz3Vsl 28/Mar/2017 18:42:27
  • @Mendieta7Aldo Sorry for the issues as the team is currently looking into this. See the updated info >> https://t.co/2eZOTtEYi8 28/Mar/2017 18:34:28
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