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  • @MaddzDiva Hi and thanks. MIssing content from the Deluxe or Gold Edition? Check through this FAQ https://t.co/1GUFtyIhgE 20/Feb/2017 12:21:27
  • @NaidinGeorgeCri @ForHonorGame Please check your privacy settings on your Xbox One console https://t.co/LMmPoQ01OR 20/Feb/2017 11:45:40
  • @NaidinGeorgeCri @ForHonorGame Do you have full permissions in the Privacy settings on your Xbox One? 20/Feb/2017 11:37:48
  • @steffinator_hd Hello, you can find more information on Ranks and MMR in the article here >>> https://t.co/9cOEdWEY15 20/Feb/2017 11:33:09
  • @lewistraylor Follow the link in the FAQ to contact support listing your missing content and the other information requested. 20/Feb/2017 11:31:34
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