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  • @Chaosruler21 We don't see an issue, Adam.😁 Thanks for playing and experiencing so many worlds with us!❤ https://t.co/vYt3gN1IWQ 17/Feb/2019 20:59:31
  • @DubbleRR_ Hi Gee, Please take a look at our FAQ an reach out to Support if you're still having trouble >> https://t.co/1RoKvFPuxK 17/Feb/2019 20:45:31
  • @CrispyN1nja Hi Crispy, Take a look here for help with account linking >> https://t.co/n9xleT525C 17/Feb/2019 20:37:54
  • @Millertexas3 Hi Miller, Take a look here for help with Twitch drops during the Six Invitational >> https://t.co/taCIqJ6htQ 17/Feb/2019 20:28:27
  • @scritchfield84 Sorry to hear you're having trouble, Josh. Take a look here for troubleshooting >> https://t.co/L9qmLGCJtd 17/Feb/2019 20:25:00
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