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  • Iconic landmarks, crowded streets & bustling vehicles, explore Victorian London in #AssassinsCreed Syndicate! || https://t.co/0AxBe9o6WT 02/Sep/2015 13:16:46
  • @DavefaceFMS If that doesn't work we'd recommend you open a ticket with our @UbisoftSupport team on our site here >> http://t.co/fCJwgjQK3l 02/Sep/2015 10:37:10
  • @DavefaceFMS Some users have experience this, you can find fixes that have worked on the thread here >> http://t.co/TrXmbAMmNl [1/2] 02/Sep/2015 10:36:24
  • @Ghostrobot1cs Hey Ethan, sorry to hear you're having issues, our @UbisoftSupport team will be able to help with this. 02/Sep/2015 10:21:20
  • @DavefaceFMS Hey there, sorry to hear you're having issues. Can you let us know what system you're playing on? 02/Sep/2015 10:17:33
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