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  • Join the #TheDivision2 team tomorrow for their first Special Report livestream, taking a closer look at PVP & the D… https://t.co/ZjHEVz7ogg 21/Jan/2019 15:48:46
  • @ArtCollider Hey, our team have updated their hours - looks like you're in the NL, in which case you can call from… https://t.co/7LCIZbgjeV 21/Jan/2019 14:36:40
  • @RyanBla96554990 Hey Ryan, which game are you referring to? Generally progress from betas doesn't carry over. 21/Jan/2019 09:59:07
  • @carl_backman Hey Carl, best option for your friend would be to follow up with our @UbisoftSupport team via DM or v… https://t.co/harFpeIyVu 21/Jan/2019 09:57:53
  • @MeganA_mma @assassinscreed @UbiAustralia Glad you're enjoying it Megan! 21/Jan/2019 08:54:15
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