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  • @Saul_Alejandroo Hey, what system are you playing on? 23/Jan/2018 13:55:42
  • @thedragonofnite Check it out and see if it shows up on the PSN store & let us know :) 23/Jan/2018 13:55:20
  • @ryanneathery30 Thanks for getting back to us, try checking it out via the PSN shop & let us know. 23/Jan/2018 13:53:59
  • @ryanneathery30 Hey Ryan, what system are you on? Where have you been searching for the update? 23/Jan/2018 13:49:57
  • @thedragonofnite Hey Jared, thanks for reporting - where are you trying to download it? In game, or in the PS store? 23/Jan/2018 13:49:25
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