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  • @Martim200316 Nicely done! Glad to see you enjoyed it. Congrats on the 100%. :) 21/Aug/2018 19:33:00
  • @SmellyDanielle1 Hi there! Try checking the video here >> https://t.co/XAa28qWaaH 21/Aug/2018 19:30:40
  • @Rick6Grimes The Capitol Defender Pack is a preorder bonus, and is available regardless of whichever edition you de… https://t.co/jZvBHJFZP4 21/Aug/2018 19:27:38
  • @tldrgamescom We're happy to help! :) 21/Aug/2018 19:16:00
  • @elrimulero1975 Hey there, if you're ordering from our store then it will just be a physical copy fo the game. Thanks. 21/Aug/2018 16:18:29
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