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  • @Scrafflad Hey Paul, sorry if it's taking a while, could you let us know your ticket number & we'll follow up on this for you. 27/Mar/2015 16:20:34
  • Check out some of the amazing work featured in this month's #FanArtFriday gallery >> http://t.co/zWaJoWmt1i || http://t.co/2bCywFZKdR 27/Mar/2015 16:08:27
  • Tune in for an exclusive preview of the After The Incident DLC only on #TrialsLive >> http://t.co/bx0szc2gWV || http://t.co/WRsS4Zkefq 27/Mar/2015 15:02:17
  • @Coltium Thanks for the feedback, we'll be sure to pass it along. In the meantime be sure to follow @UbisoftSupport for all the latest. 27/Mar/2015 11:44:14
  • @knucklehead32 Hey Andy, we announced it over at @UbisoftSupport, servers should be back in around 15-20 mins at 12:00pm UTC. Thanks! 27/Mar/2015 11:43:23
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