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  • @SolamenteJoke We are investigating this issue, Riccardo. Please check here for updates >> https://t.co/HjZf2D0ewZ 16/Jul/2018 21:59:02
  • @mohammed_shatwa We're looking into this, Mohammed. Please keep an eye out here for updates >> https://t.co/6tKk9hExQ3 16/Jul/2018 21:57:30
  • @DisneyDork575 Hey Sparky, We'd love to assist you if possible. Do you think you could take a clearer picture, so w… https://t.co/FI0De0vM1v 16/Jul/2018 21:46:42
  • Join Nick Rye on a wild adventure as he leaves the farms of Hope County for the rocky terrain of the red planet in… https://t.co/rlifkTXrOn 16/Jul/2018 19:27:10
  • @TheCommanderAJ Hey Anthony, this is a separate game to the mobile version with no in game transactions it will be $9.99 🦈🦈🦈🦈 16/Jul/2018 17:17:02
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