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  • @Gilgamesh9527 Hey, if you want some great advice from a fantastic community, check the link under the video and check out the forums! 18/Apr/2019 17:30:52
  • @DROIDgotBAN @TheDivisionGame Glad you're enjoying it! The teams behind the game rock 🤘 18/Apr/2019 17:23:37
  • Expand your horizons even further! ⛵️❄️🌺 Announcing the Anno 1800 Season Pass and free content plans 👇 18/Apr/2019 17:20:33
  • @TheFryGuy367 Hey, now :) Get the info here: https://t.co/1j1OzaXe3t 18/Apr/2019 16:46:31
  • @NickiCampanelli That's great to read! 😁 18/Apr/2019 16:45:56
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