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  • @Tgshiny Hey, this may be better received on the Rainbow 6 feedback forum >>> https://t.co/thqvvSp24h 26/Nov/2015 17:43:50
  • @JMRShea Good to know thanks, enjoy! 26/Nov/2015 17:41:48
  • @WillTrnr12 On which platform? When exactly do you receive this message? 26/Nov/2015 17:41:06
  • @Buntingthegamer Can you try resetting your router and following the steps here >>> https://t.co/K4nyBG3X5H 26/Nov/2015 17:37:55
  • @JMRShea ...scroll down and link your Gamertag/PSN id then try on your console again. 26/Nov/2015 17:37:23
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