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  • @Reds11288 For further details or information, you will want to contact @UbisoftSupport directly. Thanks! 20/Apr/2018 20:27:00
  • @ClaudioACSy A-mazing! 20/Apr/2018 19:36:00
  • @meinr60 @TheDivisionGame Glad you're enjoying it, welcome back to the DZ! 20/Apr/2018 14:46:50
  • RT @UplayUbisoft: Have a relaxing "bliss" filled weekend everyone! https://t.co/k9r74hrZmJ 20/Apr/2018 14:42:39
  • @Daryan08514086 Hey there, sorry about this. The team are aware and working to resovle this at the moment. You can… https://t.co/o5h2P0HVn9 20/Apr/2018 08:28:58
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