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  • Keep your eye peeled for an all new quest dropping tomorrow in #AssassinsCreedOdyssey 👁️ https://t.co/DJtbG9XO8K 12/Nov/2018 15:53:02
  • @assassinscreed https://t.co/q0VNmreOdK 12/Nov/2018 15:08:21
  • @veetwentythree Amazing work Vanade! :) 12/Nov/2018 14:13:07
  • @official_sody99 Hey Dalton, Please reach out to @UbisoftSupport for troubleshooting. https://t.co/fCJwgjQK3l 10/Nov/2018 21:48:50
  • @Notanexplosive Hi Boom, There isn't a reset system so this isn't possible. If you'd like to change your username,… https://t.co/hvWBuDpOkP 10/Nov/2018 21:46:29
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