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  • RT @UbisoftToronto: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 & cream pies (TO THE FACE)! What more could you ask for? #PlayItForward | http://t.co/JKBo4KjJW9 ht… 03/Mar/2015 19:02:22
  • It's another big day on the #UbiGDC lounge! Discover the full schedule here >> http://t.co/JoDXBVWxiy || http://t.co/pmaJigrLNi 03/Mar/2015 18:30:41
  • @janinedonth You're welcome, great drawings BTW! 03/Mar/2015 18:14:42
  • @TheRealHBird We're always looking for new talent! You can find all our available positions on our website here >> http://t.co/iEHcsPfvTJ 03/Mar/2015 18:14:14
  • Introducing Dig Rush, the first game developed to help in the treatment of 'lazy eye' >> http://t.co/fRxn4XkIvN || http://t.co/R9SXsEU8UN 03/Mar/2015 17:13:29
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