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  • @ManMadeMoon It's an amazing list, if you're interested in checking out Odyssey, send us a DM 👍 14/Nov/2018 10:19:25
  • @Elvis73590310 Nice images! Thank you for sharing! 13/Nov/2018 22:30:31
  • @dazzery Hello Darren, Star Fox is a character exclusively appearing on the Nintendo Switch! See more info >> https://t.co/04lVE9sHaU 13/Nov/2018 22:27:00
  • @IntegridOW Well done, Assassin! 13/Nov/2018 21:29:00
  • @thegameawards @assassinscreed Big congrats to the @UbisoftQuebec team 👏 https://t.co/H3U1Ty3rWY 13/Nov/2018 18:09:36
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