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  • @Kash_OQuinn It's coming soon Kash, we'll let you know as soon a we can confirm a date for you. Thanks. 18/Apr/2014 07:54:12
  • In Watch Dogs, the game is not the end. Announcing //n/Dark Clouds, a new ebook >> http://t.co/Mehg8oVMqY || http://t.co/pGNzqp4Rmt 17/Apr/2014 21:15:33
  • @ThomClancy You gotta watch out for Tigers! 17/Apr/2014 15:02:09
  • @EemeliBergstrom Rex Power Colt approves this tweet! http://t.co/LZKtD8ogf3 17/Apr/2014 15:01:24
  • #ThrowbackThursday! What was the most memorable animal from #FarCry3? http://t.co/MEPmmLPJNX 17/Apr/2014 14:58:20
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