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  • How Watch Dogs brought a next-gen city to life >> http://t.co/gNlqG64H8B || http://t.co/qLzbRjCmOe 15/Apr/2014 22:33:33
  • “I Think I’m Paranoid” + 2 more Garbage tracks in today’s #Rocksmith2014 DLC drop >> http://t.co/gYaxiEUSDN || http://t.co/UC6JIp96ga 15/Apr/2014 19:53:42
  • @Mr_Spaceman_97 The standard version is available from XBLA for £15.99. Thanks! 15/Apr/2014 17:13:18
  • Eight real cities you can visit in games, including @WatchDogsgame’s Chicago and @TheDivisionGame’s New York >> http://t.co/ncS7CY8mRU 15/Apr/2014 16:55:43
  • @MrFlibble81 Hey Simon, it's set for new generation consoles and PC. Thanks! 15/Apr/2014 15:50:24
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